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    Methodological guidelines:

    The calculated carbon footprint relates to one care cycle (washing, drying and ironing) and results from electricity consumption (by washing machines, dryers and irons). The calculations were based on the GHG Protocol methodology and the Electricity Emission Factor for Poland (taken from the Association of Issuing Bodies). Energy consumption assumptions for irons were based on data from HIGG (a global standard for assessing the climate impact of the clothing industry). The energy consumption of washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers was based on the technical specifications of selected appliance models. The weights of individual garments were taken from LPP databases. Ironing times were assumed based on LPP’s expert experience.

    Deloitte Advisory limited partnership carried out an independent review of the compatibility of the application of Higg’s coefficients within the emissions calculation tool (‘calculator’) for the defined stage of use of the clothes and the application of the methodology and assumptions adopted by LPP S.A.

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