In a world of easy access to new things, we are slowly losing the simple skills and knowledge of extending the life of clothes. Meanwhile, we could apply it to the benefit of our wallet and the planet.

Repairing clothes, altering and personalising is a powerful trend seen around the world and gaining a multitude of fans. We urge you to enter the world of colourful threads, patches, appliqués and embroidery. Repairing is sexy, and visible patches – exposed and fancifully curled – are no longer associated with scarcity, but become an expression of personality and modern style.

Think of the many reasons why you might embark on a repair adventure. Which is the most important one? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you looking for relaxation or perhaps a form of expression and an outlet for artistic ambition? Are you interested in fashion and design? Use this as a motivation to discover a new hobby.


How to get started?

  • Gather your basic utensils and organise your work space: read about the toolbox HERE.
  • Learn the basics: Start by learning basic sewing skills, such as major hand stitches and repairing simple faults. Learn how to properly sew on buttons, sew ripped seams and mend. You can use our guides and tutorials HERE to gain the necessary knowledge
  • Start with simple projects: Don’t be discouraged by complicated projects at the beginning. Start with small repairs, such as patching or masking damage. Gradually expand your skills by trying increasingly difficult projects and giving vent to your imagination.
  • Be creative: Repairing clothes gives you the opportunity to express your creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different thread colours, embroidery patterns or accessories to add character to your repairs. You won’t always restore your garment perfectly to its pre-damage state. Don’t hide the repaired pieces then; on the contrary, display them as evidence of an interesting story and personal character.
  • Join a community: Look for online groups, communities or local workshops where you can exchange experiences and ideas with others interested in garment repair. This is a great way to get inspiration and support in your adventure with this hobby.
  • Enjoy the process: Repairing clothes can not only be practical, but also rewarding and relaxing. Enjoy the process of making while caring for the environment and saving money.

By starting to repair clothes as a hobby, you can not only develop your sewing skills, but also enjoy creating and take care of the environment by reducing textile waste.